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Miami WMB Training Center is dedicated to making your MIXED MARTIAL ARTS … Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These disciplines are the core of our MMA program! We have several pro MMA fighters, Judo Black Belts, A Greco Roman National Champion, A Freestyle …

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UFC 205: 3 Prelim fighters to watch
Saturday night, the UFC comes to you live on pay-per-view with its biggest card of the year. It is the first major MMA event to be held in New York City at the world famous Madison Square Garden, and it features three title fights in the lightweight …

Fortunes changed for five in Friday night fights
Friday night’s head-to-head battle with the UFC and Bellator ended up showcasing two very different visions of mixed martial arts. It also set up a second go-around in November with those same differences. The UFC presented its typical Fight Night show.

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UFC 205: What time does Conor McGregor fight?
UFC 205 is the biggest fight card in MMA history, but everyone wants to know what time Conor McGregor … And if McGregor wins, he’ll become the first person ever to hold two UFC belts simultaneously. Even though Dana White told him he would have to …

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