Betting The Big Right Hand: UFC 200 – Lasner vs Hunt

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Written by Sir ThumpaLot

Brock Lesnar has not fought in the UFC since 2011.

Conversely, Mark Hunt has had some impressive wins lately, his win/loss record reveals he’s somewhat of a streaky fighter.  Hunt’s last loss falling to Stipe Miocic being TKO’d with Stipe’s record setting 361 strikes.  However,  if your going to lose to anyone, that’s a great fighter to lose to.  Sipe used his jab almost exclusively to get on the inside of Hunt and then stuck him with the takedown.  Stipe out wrestled him and then it was only a matter of ground and pound to take him out.

Lesnar’s camp has placed close attention to this on tape, which is exactly Brock’s cup of tea and will probably do well with this same approach, yet, we could be in for a big suprise.  Even though Lesnar has not fought in the UFC since 2011, he might well have had a night like this in mind and trained for this fight for a very long time.

I believe one of the most compelling differences between these two fighters is their method of training, and even more specifically the teams behind them.  Even though Hunt went to Thailand for awhile several years ago and trained at the Tiger Muay Thai MMA camp in, Phuket Thailand, in my opinion there is a vast difference between the two teams with Lasner clearly holding the edge in every department including a far more professional media team due to his WWE connects, experience and backing.

Hunt’s MO over the years has been pretty much a free style training,  not in regards to wrestling but in the way in which he has grabbed on the fly what he needed, when he needed it in that moment in time, yet remained non-committal to any one trainer or training style.  He has his own way of doing things with his own system, and that has worked well for him up to this point.

Lasner used to train with Pat Barry a well known kick boxer, and no question his camp has been very hush hush about their training schedule for this upcoming fight.

When it comes to the overall athletic ability viewed under a micro-scope of professional challenges,  that award has to go to Lesnar.  It could be argued if not for a serious car accident during his camp with the Minnesota Vikings, more than likely he would have had his stint in the NFL.

Hunt is a beast no question and make no mistake he is a devastating puncher and brawler.  He posses those freaky over the top heavy hands, where if he catches you almost anywhere on the head, (not even on the nerve centers) he will stun you enough to break your equilibrium, and the rest will be a quick night of history.

That said, this article is about where we will be putting our money and who we will be backing..

The best prices are off shore and more specifically in Costa Rica where the average prevailing line has Hunt a -165 favorite with the take back on Lasner at +155

BET THE BIG RIGHT HAND:  Brock Lesnar +155

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P.S.  We also like the value on Amanda Nunes +230 and Aldo +105 as the best Dog Money on the board.

Posted Friday, July 8th, 2016 @ 6:29 p.m. EST




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