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Betting The Big Right Hand: UFC Fight Night 89 – MacDonald vs Thompson

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Written by Sir ThumpaLot

Combat Sports Bettors:  Rory MacDonald is part of that new breed of MMA fighters, unlike the ones back in the day where you had karate and wrestling guys they practiced that art as a kid, but when they became Pro, it was all MMA.  Rory is one of those guys from the moment he stepped into the gym at around 14 years old it was strictly MMA, training at Firas Zahabi’s (George St-Pierre’s coach) gym.  Bottom line is Rory has been doing MMA ever since the beginning, so his understanding of the fight game and more specifically MMA, has evolved with his total focus only on MMA.

Thompson on the other hand from the start was doing full sport karate and kick boxing and full contact sparring.  He was basically undefeated as a kick boxer and it goes without saying it is his greatest strength.  His father was a kick boxing champion, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  His striking capability is probably better than anyone in the welterweight division due to some of the most elite training partners in the business with Chris Weidman and guys from Team Serra-Longo’s camp sharpening his wrestling skills.

Yet, Stephen is going up against a guy who has been trained by one of the greatest coaches of all time by Firas Zahabi,  and the fact that he has been training all these years specifically in MMA.  Striking is one thing, but as soon as you get caught with a take down or by a sharp jiu-jitsu move, let’s just say that MacDonald if given time in this match should show more versatility with more weapons to unleash a possible choke out.  On the other hand it only takes one great shin kick from “wonderboy” to the dome and Rory could be DONE!

Some of the x factors in this matchup could unfold like this.

Thompson has greatly improved his take down defense and if your Stephen, you might not have to worry about grapling and jiu-jitsu if you can’t be taken down and can keep your opponent at bay.  If he can stay on the outside using his great footwork and angles and attack Rory without him having the ability to get his hands on him, he should have the upper hand in this fight, which is very similar with what he did to “Big Rigg” Hendricks in a first round KO.  Hendricks was ranked #2 at the time he fought Thompson although this fight might be an even taller drink to order.

Question: who is the better athlete in this one?

I would have to give the edge to Thompson in that category.  However, Rory probably has a slightly higher Cage IQ due mainly to more fights accumulated by a wide margin of greater opponents.   Notice how the scales balance in this one?  The bookies know it as well with only a 10 cent spread between the two.

Who can take the better more effective punch and still stay standing even though their bell is rung?

Rory’s last fight was against a true Champion sustaining severe punishment.  Will those collective brutal punches that Rory took in his last fight show up in this one?  All it would take is being stunned with one strike to that Neurological memory spot and he will weaken immediately?  His last fight nearly a year ago, was the type of fight in which you are never the same for the rest of your life and could preclude a quick disaster.  The after effects have a way of showing up quickly in your next fight as he ended up in the hospital with a crushed nose and his ankle looked like a hockey stick and has been without a money fight since.

Bottom line is there are a multitude of variables in this fight.  Who will show up in this one?  If we get lucky, they both will and we should have one hell of a fight on our hands.

That being said…on paper Rory is the more experienced combatant with 18 wins, 7 KO’s, 6 by decision with only 3 losses.  2 by KO and 1 by a decision.

Thompson has 12 Wins, 7 KO’s, 1 by submission and 4 by decision with his one 1 loss by decision.  His history shows us it’s not about his punching power but those awesome kicks that get the job done with crazy spin moves that get his opponent off balance and smacked down.  Rory is 26, Thompson is 33

If this fight goes to a decision, I can guarantee you not even the judges will understand what just happened.

I want to bet on Rory especially in front of a home crowd in Canada, but the bottom line is this, I simply CANNOT bet against Thompson at this price and being the fresher fighter.

BET THE BIG RIGHT HAND:  Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson -110

Good Luck,


Posted Thusday June 16th, 2016 @ 2:43 p.m. est


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